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PICTURES OF YOUR CLASSIC CARS / 1964 and 1938 Plymouths
« on: May 10, 2017, 10:23:58 am »
Cool site!  I'll play.

Here is my 64 Plymouth.  Car has built 360 bored .30 over, 727 with reversed valvebody, fenderwell headers, rollcage, trans brake, narrowed Ford rearend spool 4.11 runs high 10's low 11's depending on exhaust.

Here she is running.  Old school nasty... (Yes....I got rid of the "triangle of death air filter )

Here is my first step into the hot rodding world.  In negotiations now to pick up this RUST FREE 1938 Plymouth Businessman Coupe.  This is a "Stealth Operation"!  Meaning if my wife finds out I am buying another car I am a DEADMAN!!  Lol!

Cool site!  I'll play.

Here is my modern muscle from the year 1997.

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